Iskolar ng Bayan nga ba?

I was surprised to know that my tuition fee will be from Php 12K to Php 30K per semester. Previously, my tuition fee in UPDEPP is Php600 per unit because the default bracket there is B (UPDEPP tuition fee is smaller than that of Diliman). I learned later that the default bracket in Diliman is A, which means Php1500 per unit.

That’s almost 200% increase! Am I still included in the so-called Iskolar ng Bayan? Php1500 per unit is almost the same as that of a private institution. A co-UP student of mine stated earlier that there will be another tuition fee increase in the future.

I remember my cousin who’s a graduate of UP. Her tuition during her time (her student number starts with 2004) is roughly Php5000. It is just in 2007 where the 300% increase of tuition started that affected the students starting 2007 till now.

My mom though is overall okay with my 30k tution, since the big four universities are far more expensive than that of UP’s, but still, I’m feeling bad about it. We can buy so many things with that additional 18K, but that’s the least that I regret. I feel bad about the other students. Since we all know that UP, being the premier university here in the country, has affordable tuition, all kinds of students, even the richest of the rich and the poorest of the poor aspire to attend this university. With the high increase in tuition, the middle class students are struggling to pay for their tuition, what more the poor ones. The tuition is not really “that affordable” now.

Yes, a great part of our tuition is subsidized by the government, but as time flies, the subsidy gets smaller and smaller. Now, I understand why some students are out there rallying.

I know that education is one of the most important priorities of the government. They should show that this really is a priority by accomodating a very large budget for this sector. They must avoid having budget cuts for education. They must aim to stop the increase in tuition. I hope that the Php1500 per unit tuition is the max fee and it will stop there, no increase, just decrease in the future.

With more than 30k of tuition, am I still included in the so-called iskolar ng bayan?

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